Olympus Biological Microscope

(CX 43 )


Comfortable, High-Throughput Routine Microscopy

Olympus Biological Microscope Model: 43

Versatile Applications

  • The universal condenser offers a variety of observation methods and future upgradability. In combination with the five-position revolving nosepiece, multiple applications can be covered using the single microscope frame.
  • Brightfield
  • Phase Contrast
  • Fluorescence

Technical Specifications

Optical System
UIS2 (Universal Infinity - corrected) optical system
Illumination System
Built-in transmitted illumination system
Kohler illumination (fixed field diaphragm)
LED power consumption 2.4 W (nominal value), percentered
Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 15 mm)
Stroke per rotation for coarse adjustment knob: 36.8 mm, Focusing stopper
Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob
Fine focus knob (minimum adjustments gradations: 2.5 µm)
Revolving Nosepiece
Fixed quintuple nosepiece with inward tilt
Wire movement mechanical fixed stage, (W x D): 211 mm x 154 mm
Travelling range (X x Y): 76 mm x 52 mm
Single Specimen position holder (optional: double specimen holder, sheet holder)
Specimen position scale
Stage XY movement stopper
Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with oil immersion
Universal condenser with 7 turret positions: BF (4-100X), 2X, DF, Ph1, Ph2, Ph 3, FL
Condenser turret lock pin (BF only)
Built-in aperture iris diaphragm
AS lock pin
Observation Methods
Brightfield, simple polarization, fluorescence, phase contrast, darkfield
Infinity Plan Achromat (UIS2), Anti - Fungal 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X, 100XO, 100XOI
Fluorescence Light Source
Easily add an LED reflected fluorescence illuminator (peak excitation wavelength 470 nm: B excitation only), percentered
Rated Voltage / Electric Current
AC 100 - 240 V
50/60 Hz 0.4 A
Observation Tube
Type (anti-fungal)
Tilting Binocular
Eyepiece (anti-fungal)
10X (FN): 20
10X (FN): 20
10X (FN): 18
Tube Inclination
30° - 60°