Monocular Student Microscope

(HM 100)


Monocular Student LED Microscope

Standard Features

Focus Drive
Separate coarse and fine focus knobs With adjustable focus stop
Nose piece
Quadruple (4X) precision click stops and rubber grip
Specimen Stage
Stage plate 110 mm x 120 mm
Specimen Holder
Stage Clips 2x spring loaded clips
NA 0.65 / 0.90 with disc diaphragm
Built-in Illumination
LED with built in battery backup & charger
Power Supply
CE Compliant, 90 - 220 V, 50 Hz with 3 pin plug External power supply module for easy exchange / replacement
Tubes (360° Rotatable)
45 Degree Monocular Head with safe locking screw
Achromat / SP Achromat Objectives
4x / 0.10 10x / 0.25 40x / 0.65 Spring
WF 10 x 18 mm

Optional Accessories

  • 1.   Optional Objectives: 100x / 1.25 (Oil) Spring
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