Inverted Culture Microscope

(CKX 53 )


The Cell Culture Laboratory Solution

Inverted Culture Microscope

Improved Imaging and usability facilitates Cell Cultivation

  • Live Cell Observation, Cell Sampling and Handling, Image Capture, Fluorescence Observation.

Live Cell Observations

  • Fast and efficient cell observation with the integrated Phase Contrast System.
  • Clear view empowered by Long - Life LED Light illumination.
  • Wide and clear view with the 2X objective.
  • Experience 3D views driven by the “Inversion Contrast” (IVC) technique.

CKX 53 Configuration

  • Four Upgradable Base Configurations: Brightfield, Phase Contrast Entry, Phase Contrast Standard, Fluorescence.

Technical Specifications

Optical System
UIS2 (Universal Infinity - corrected) optical system
Revolving nosepiece vertical movement system using the coarse and fine focusing knobs. Stroke: 20 mm (Focal point: up to 18.5 mm from the plain stage top surface). Stroke per rotation: 36.8 mm (Coarse), 0.2 mm (Fine)
Plain Stage: 200 mm (L) x 252 mm (W)
Exchangeable transparent insert plate is incorporated
Illumination System
Light Source : 4000K color temperature LED light source
Filter Holder : Insert up to 6 mm think with ø45mm filter, detachable
Aperture Diaphragm : Diaphragm blade, manual open / close system
Maximum numerical aperture : 0.3
Working distance : 72 mm
Applicable objective magnification : 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X and 40X
up to 190 mm height tissue flask can be loaded on the stage without detachable condenser
Observation tube
Fixed Trinocular tube, inclined 45 degrees
Interpupillary distance 48 - 75 mm
Light path: eyepiece / camera port = 100/0 ⇄ 0/100
Camera Port
Olympus camera adapter interface
Magnification: 10X
FN 22
Rated Voltage / Electric Current
AC 100 - 240 V
50/60 Hz 0.4 A
Power Consumption : Less than 4W