Biological Microscope

CH 20i


Student Microscope Kg 2

Key Features

  • Anti-fungus Optics.
  • Optics with multilayer coating.
  • Easily interchangeable objectives.
  • Choice of Halogen or LED illumination.
  • Main operating controls within easy reach.
  • Optimization of illumination with aspheric lenses.
  • Available in binocular and trinocular version.


Aluminum die - cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing and wire guides thereby ensuring smooth and precise manipulation
Mechanical Stage
Co-axial low drive mechanical stage (120 mm x 132 mm) (+/- 5mm) with traverse area of 25 mm x 76 mm (+/- 5mm)
Focusing System
Co - axial coarse and fine controls with a focus adjustment and fine adjustment knobs. Coarse focus range 20 mm. Fine focus rotation 0.25 mm
Condenser Holder
Rack & Pinion mounted condenser holder
Abbe condenser with aperture iris diaphragm (N.A 1.25) focusable with rack & pinion and a continuously variable iris diaphragm with a removable blue filter for day light observation
Halogen / LED option available
Nose Piece
Quadruple revolving nosepiece based on precision ball bearing mechanism with positive click stop
INEA Achromat 4x (Anti Fungus) INEA Achromat 10x (Anti Fungus) INEA Achromat 40x (Anti Fungus) INEA Achromat 100x (Anti Fungus) spring, oil
Inclined Observation Head
45 degree inclined head
Eyepiece (wide field) For observation
ICWHK 10x (LB eyepiece 10x), F.N 18 mm, (anti-fungus) (x2)

Optional Accessories

  • 1.   Phase Contrast Attachmen.
  • 2.   Trinocular Head with USB Digital Camera.
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