Advance Research Microscope


Micron Optik

With a very modern look featuring wide versatility, the newly introduced “Cresta” series research microscopes are ergonomically designed for exceptional performance and simple operation which extends top quality optics and uncompromising performance for educational and routine research.


Key Features

  • Sophisticated observation with trinocular tube.
  • Compact & Solid Innovative Frame
  • Reverse Angle Nosepiece
  • Ergonomic Arc type observation
  • Advanced Illumination system
  • Anti-Fungus Treatment

Standard Features

Optical System
Finite Corrected Optical System
Viewing Head
45 Degree inclined Sliding Type
Observation Tube
Binocular / Trinocular
Eye piece
W.F. 10 X / 18 mm
Objectives (DIN)
Plan Achromat 4X NA 0.10 Plan Achromat 10X NA 0.20 Plan Achromat 40X (S/L) NA 0.65 Plan Achromat 100X (S/L) NA 1.25
Outward Facing Quadruple / Quintuple Ball Bearing Nose Piece
Mechanical Stage
Low Drive co-axial control, having x & y movement of 55 mm & 75 mme
Focusing System
Co - axial coarse and fine focusing on both sides
Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25, with iris diaphragm movable on rack & pinion
Built in illumination
CoLED 3W or 6V 20W Halogen (optional) with inbuilt rechargeable battery
Universal input 100V - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, Built in Voltage Stabilizer

Optional Accessories

  • 1.   Fluorescence Attachment
  • 2.   2MP / 5MP Digital Camera, HD Camera
  • 3.   LCD Touch Screen
  • 4.   Phase Contrast Attachment
  • 5.   Dark Field Attachment
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